Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer, Fox News Anchor

Seltzer’s fellow neo-conservative Charles Krauthammer, columnist for the Washington Post and the Weekly Standard, as well as a FOX NEWS standby, is believed by many to be the most important and influential conservative pundit. An advocate for increased gas taxes for many years, in 2009 Krauthammer suggests a revenue neutral $1 gas tax increase paid for by a payroll tax rebate. He sees it as “once in a generation opportunity we cannot afford to miss.” No doubt it would change behavior; it would be intended to wean us from oil, restore our balance of payments, suppress the price of oil, and thus greatly strengthen our geopolitical position. To take the opportunity that a gas tax hike offers would mean realizing the true extent of our own power in the world. Cured of our addiction to oil, we would no longer be dependent on “thugs” and would keep more of our money at home, doing useful things. The likelihood of our missing this opportunity is great, however, as, our “single-minded devotion to individual freedom,” makes us Americans hate gas taxes. And rather than discipline our fossil fuel consumption in any way, we are in debt to foreign nations. The costs of the American propensity to incline against any individual sacrifice are “blindingly obvious.”

A conservative look at the question of carbon-based revernue