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Arthur Laffer

The “father of supply side economics”, Co-Chair of the Free Enterprise Fund, Board Member of the Club for Growth, Member of Reagan’s Economic Advisory Board


what the carbon tax would do is remove the tax from people who work and put it on a product in the ground”

Arthur Laffer, the “god-father of supply-side economics,” advocates a shift to carbon taxes for the sake of growth. An influential member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, credited with helping to inspire a world-wide tax-cutting craze, Laffer remains at the center of conservative economic thought. A board member of the Club for Growth, the power-house conservative fundraising group, he is also Co-chair (with Larry Kudlow of cnbc) of the Free Enterprise Fund, a conservative Superpac that advocates for privatization of Social Security, the repeal of estate tax and deregulation of financial system. All of these are possible, according to Laffer, with a tax shift away from income toward carbon pollution. While there are regressive aspects to carbon taxes, Laffer joins those economists who believe carbon taxes are better for the market than other taxes; a shift would create jobs and improve economic output. As he explained to New Hampshire Public Radio in 2011, Laffer insists that he does not advocates carbon taxes on environmental or national security grounds, or as a means of reducing the deficit, but purely as a pro-growth economist, consistent with his life-long quest to reduce marginal tax rates.  See the Q & A from New Hampshire Public Radio:  Why The Patron Saint Of “Reaganomics” Supports A Carbon Tax With Bob Inglis in the New York Times back in 2008 “An Emissions Plan Conservatives Could Warm to”  

A conservative look at the question of carbon-based revernue